MDH Utility Services have been awarded full accreditation against the National Electricity Registration Scheme. This accreditation enables us to undertake the following work activities:

Electric connections Domestic/Commercial

Until recently if you required a connection to the main electrical grid this had to be provided by your Network Provider ( Northern or Western Power ).
through competition in connections you now have a choice to use a Lloyds accredited company Like MDH Utility Services.
We can offer you up to 20% off any existing written quotes or we can give you a quote direct without the need to contact your Network Provider direct.
( Customers sometimes prefer to get an initial quote from their main Network Provider as a comparison )

Private Water Leaks

We offer the service to repair leaking water pipes that your local water authorities won't repair because they are on privately owned pipes/land.
We can offer prices for Lead/Galvanised service pipe repair/replacement, often if a pipe leaks it is down to it's age and it is sometimes advisable to replace rather than repair if they are old lead or galvanised pipes.

Leakage detection

We also offer to assist to locate leaks as sometimes they are not visible but can run up a hefty bill on a metered supply running 24/7

Stop Tap Replacement

We can replace or install stop taps to services to assist you in controlling your water.

Tarmac Potholing

We are able to price for repairing tarmac pot holes for private customers or Local authorities

Trenchless technology

We are able in some cases to install pipes/cables through our thrustbore techniques enabling us to avoid excavating in concrete/tarmac drives helping to avoid the tell tale signs of trench work